Client: Rampver Financials
Deliverables: Brochures and a flyer
Timeline: 7 days (rushed)

Rampver Financials had just rebranded after 23 years of being in the business when they reached out to me. With their new sleek and modern logo, their brochures and flyers had to be updated, among other collaterals.

Art Direction
My starting point for this project was only their new logo, brand colors and a particular request to incorporate the ramp into the design. With that, I began crafting moodboards that would show them two art directions I had in mind.


Initial Drafts
They chose Study #2, and so I started working on a rough draft out of a working draft of the brochure’s content. I made some suggestions on how the content can be presented – some of my suggestions were reflected on the final output, while some weren’t.


The flyer, on the other hand, already had a final content and so I was able to work on a more solid draft. However, they didn’t like how big the ramp was, and so I had to rethink the flyer’s design and layout. I ended up applying the ramp on the brochure as well.


Final Output
Aside from the mutual funds flyer, I ended up creating two versions of the brochure I was making – one for starting a business, and another for saving up for retirement.



In memory of Ron Cirujano, Upwork’s Country Manager for the Philippines, who got in touch with me via LinkedIn for this project – he was such a great person to work with, and he really made me feel like he believed in me and my designs. Gone to soon.

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