Project Background

A family friend was about to open their first restaurant in Vista Mall Sta. Rosa. What they had then was just the restaurant name and a rough sketch of a logo. They came to me for help in producing the logo ASAP as the management of the mall they’re in is already demanding it. After nailing down the logo, I worked on developing a solid branding and creating the collaterals needed for their launch based on the initial work I’ve done on the logo.

Project scope

Branding, creative direction for interior design, and then later on, social media strategy

The Process

The client showed me his rough sketch of the logo. Upon seeing it, I knew that I would have to create the logotype for “Sabores” from scratch, and so I started sketching!

Sabores Logo
Rough sketch of the logo, made by the client

[ photo ]

Based on my conversations with the client and the creative brief I had him fill out, he envisions the restaurant to be warm, friendly, and festive, catering to families and young professionals. With that in mind, I came up with a logo that is more on the modern side:


I showed them two versions, and after changing up the colors a bit to accommodate the lime (I thought it was lemon!), the official Sabores Mexicanos logo was born. I then worked on a proposal for the visual identity, food photography style, and interior design of the restaurant to tie everything together:

[ deck ]



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