I just started a Tinyletter, and figured I’d post my first letter here as well:

Hey you,

Staying true to what’s on my subscribe page, I am writing my very first tiny letter at 2:57AM.

When exactly did I discover John Mayer and his songs, I’m not entirely sure. A good guess would be back in 2007, when I was in first year high school. It was when those .mp3 players that looked like mini gameboys were used to play Leona Lewis’ Bleeding Love. The same time I first discovered blogging on Multiply and had senior friends I thought were yearsss ahead of me, I saw them as adults.

I don’t know how I discovered John Mayer then, but he’s been my number one since.

There would always be a few songs and lyrics of him that would resonate with me more at different points in my life. Lately, it’s Wheel‘s I believe / that my life’s gonna see / the love I give / return to me. Hard to admit but it’s also Not Myself‘s and I, in time, will come around / I always do, for you.

And then there’s Quiet:

Somehow, I can’t seem to find
the quiet inside my mind

It’s never quiet, especially at night; there would always be white noise. I only get to clear my head when I’m designing, painting, or working out (which I rarely do nowadays, ugh). Other than that, there would always be white noise. And then there are tons of (important) shit above the white noise – things that lately I just try to put aside and replace with ~*safe thoughts*~ like food or interior designing my condo.

But I’m done dodging shit above the white noise. They’re important. It’s about time I face them the only way I know best – with a pen and paper.

What song resonates with you right now?

Write you soon,
Alyssa Paula

02 04 18 | 03 40 A

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