Alyssa Paula is a B2B Marketer, Brand Strategist, and Visual Designer thriving in the tech space.

With over eight years of industry experience, she has delivered creative and strategic work for startups in Zurich, Brisbane, Kyoto, New York, Singapore, and Manila.

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Hi, I’m Alyssa Paula.

I am a full-stack B2B marketer and visual designer with a strong creative foundation and analytical background. I craft effective brand building and lead-generating campaigns, websites, and marketing materials for Tech Consulting, SaaS, and eCommerce companies.

People know me for my uncommon range, consistent high-quality output, and go-getter attitude. I do my best to lead with purpose, inspiring teams I work with to be data-driven, creative, and results-oriented.

My wide range of skills in management, strategy, and creative execution puts me in a unique position to do impactful work across marketing and creative functions.

Let’s talk about self-learning, people-first culture, and growth.
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Marketing, Creative, & PR Manager
Thinking Machines Data Science | 2019 – Present

Creative Strategist
Tanda Workforce Solutions | 2018-2019

Marketing Design Lead
Kalibrr Technology Ventures | 2015-2018