I’ve been mentoring on ADPList for a year now, spending 1.5 hours of my week talking to people from over 14 countries worldwide. It’s a great way to exercise my brain while giving back and helping others. The best part? Seeing their eyes light up when something clicks.

I’m challenged at work every day, knee-deep in growing the best team and evolving how we do Marketing as we scale up. It’s a lot, but I’m up for it. I am most productive with a cup of matcha, a second monitor, and my phone away from my desk.

I still recharge the best by grounding myself in nature. I walk around the lake nearby or sit outside for a quick fix, listening to the birds and the rustling leaves as I stare at the trees and the purple-pink sky. On good days, I walk my four dogs and hit 10,000 steps, spend 30 minutes learning French, and do something for myself and my loved ones, no matter how small or silly.

Last September, my feet took me to 12 European cities.* In October, I spent a month in Paris, living right by a jazz club I frequented along Rue de Rivoli. In the time I spent at an apartment that could pass as my own, it became clear to me what I needed to do to become closer to my ideal self.

When I’m not plotting my next big move, I like indulging in the chaos of The Basement Yard, rewatching comfort shows like New Girl, and counting the days until all of BTS is back.

Oh, and I’m back to maintaining a short blunt bob—this time with curtain bangs. I know, I should take a new photo.

Listening on Repeat
Moodswings In To Order, After Laughter, Ylang Ylang EP, Jazz Standards Playlist

Slowly Reading
Kitchen Confidential, Anagrams, The Art of Travel, Marketing Made Simple

Visiting Next
Sydney? Florence? Bangkok? Bali?

*For those who are curious, I visited Athens, Poros, Crete, Monte Carlo, Marseille, Menton, Ventimiglia, Graz, Rovinj, Hum, Predjama, and Zurich. I’m still dreaming of greek food and have a newfound obsession with squid.

Last updated: 22 March 2023

A website called encourages people to create a /now page on their websites. On what to write, it said, “think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year.”

This is for you. 🍃