Mama wanted to go to Macau during our weekend trip to Hong Kong. We only had three full days to travel, and the first day was spent in Hong Kong Disneyland. And so, we planned to spend one whole day for Macau, and then one whole day for Hong Kong.

Except we didn’t actually have a whole day for Macau. We only had two hours for it. Why? Because on that day, we were also on a mission to have my iPhone 6S’ cracked screen repaired by Apple for free. But that’s a whole different story – which I will also write about.

So. Two hours in a whole different place without a phone. Zero research about it, too. I was with my 67 year old grandma and we were as spontaneous as we could ever be. The only thing I was able to save for our side trip was the Google maps screenshot of how to get to the ferry terminal. Didn’t make things easier, to be honest, cause we still got lost on the way.


After an hour of waiting and an hour ferry ride, we finally arrived in Macau. At 4PM. Before even leaving the terminal, we already booked our tickets back to Hong Kong so we could get my phone back before the stores close at 10PM. We got tickets for 6:30PM, which meant we had exactly two hours to make the most out of Macau. I got a free map from the Information desk.

Upon exiting the terminal, a fellow Filipina approached us, offering to tour us around for a fee. At first we declined her offer and went to the bus station to figure out how the hell we’d get to the historic centre. We couldn’t figure it out. The Filipina caught up with us by then, and asked how long we’re gonna be in Macau. Two hours, I said. She said either we wouldn’t be able to see anything within two hours because we’d get lost, or wouldn’t make it in time for our ferry back to Hong Kong if we’d tour it alone. She made sense. I had no phone and so I wouldn’t be able to navigate. We negotiated the fee, and started the tour with her.

That was a great call, to be honest. We were able to see the whole of Historic Centre of Macau in two hours, and enjoy despite being in quite a rush! We were even able to catch the sunset and have a nice conversation with Tita Mel, our tour guide. Our two hours in Macau was indeed, sulit.




We had a great time munching on treats that vendors give away for free on our way to The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The alleys, lined with various shops on both sides, were packed with tourists and vendors. Mama was strong enough to climb all the way to the top!






We have a photo with Tita Mel, and I have her card with me somewhere but I can’t find it as of the moment. As for the other photos from our Hong Kong trip, for some reason the SD card couldn’t be read the last time I tried to do so – I can’t get my hands on the photos that I didn’t handpick at first. 😦

Nonetheless, those two hours in Macau? Well spent!



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