My first trip abroad was an 11-day trip to Tokyo back in 2010. That trip, for me, was an eye opener in many ways. See, my school is run by Japanese sisters, and they hold an annual Japanese Study Tour Program. To be qualified to join the program, one had to study Nihongo every Wednesday after class from first year to third year, and to obtain a certain grade. Unlike in elementary, taking Nihongo classes was optional in high school. I chose to take it and made it my goal to be able to join the program.

Luckily, I did.

Here are some photos for major throwback and embarrassment:


That trip made me realize three things: one, if you set your mind to something and do all you can to pursue it, you will; two, the sense of accomplishment that comes with being able to go to places not just because you can, but because you earned it is something I’d want to feel a couple more times in my life; and three, my family would love Tokyo as much as I did and I want to bring them there someday.

Now, six years, ten countries, one diploma and one job later, I’m in a cozy airbnb near Shibuya with my family, writing this. 🙂

I bought roundtrip tickets to Tokyo in November last year without my parents knowing – my third big spend since I started working. Obviously, when I told them about it, they couldn’t say no or put it at the back burner mainly because they’re not really the type who travels haha and now we’re here for my mom and I’s birthday! Here’s a glimpse of today’s adventure!




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