The very first blog I had was on Multiply—it was 2007, I was in first year high school and ridiculously heartbroken. (Yes, my feels go way back lol.) My way of coping was writing in different colors and font sizes, bolding / italicizing / underlining / highlighting words or phrases I thought needed more emphasis, as if typing them in red wasn’t enough. It was cringe-worthy, and I thank Multiply for ceasing to exist today.

I haven’t really stopped writing since then. Aside from making art, writing has become my main outlet for self-expression. I’ve had about three more personal blogs after Multiply, all of which held stories and musings that shaped me into the creative fun sized treat my friends know today. Writing was and still is my way of being introspective and not losing myself over the chaos that is life (lol). I write to make sense of things, and to capture who I am as of writing.

I write to keep sane.

Now, almost ten years after my first blog, I am starting another one – this time to house not only my musings, but also my art. I want to capture my becoming and share my story and my art with you, hoping that whatever I share would do you any good.

So hello there, stranger. I’m an open book. Indulge as you wish.


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