It was fitting to spend the day in Shoreditch, a vibrant and artsy neighborhood in bipolar-weathered London, just before my illustration class at Central Saint Martins started. After spending my first few days in museums (I was the happiest kid because of the fact that most museums in London are free!!!), I was so excited to see art in the streets for a change.

And so we went to Brick Lane and the nearby weekend markets, spotting murals as we walk around! Shoreditch is known to have the best of London’s street art – which was perfect because I knew I needed some visual inspiration both for class and for work, and I definitely got it that day.


Leaving the apartment on an empty stomach, we patiently fell in line for bao buns filled with slow cooked pork belly and it was every bit worth it.


We carried on walking around all afternoon, enjoying the vibe, the weekend market finds, and the street art. Despite the gloomy weather, Shoreditch’s vibrance stood out.


Before leaving, we went to Cereal Killer Cafe and had cereal bowls (duh) for early dinner. I know. Cereal, like eggs and bacon, is timeless.


Happy kid with a bowl of unicorn poop!


I was posing for a photo when this funny dude photobombed and posed with me! He said he was in a book called Faces of Shoreditch.


We ended the day having our photos taken at an old photobooth, dancing to the background music in front of a mirror in one of the underground markets (and getting asked out by strangers for dinner shortly after – we pulled the sorry-our-flight’s-tonight card,) and buying ourselves matching bracelets.

That Sunday in Shoreditch is easily one of my favorite days in London, and I am itching, itching to go back.


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