Picture yourself waiting for the sunset in Castell de Montjuic – a castle on a hill – overlooking Barcelona as the city glistens under the golden hour light. You don’t even have to look up to see that the sky is clear. The warmth of the sun balances out the cool December breeze, and to top it all off, The Beatles’ songs play softly in the background.

Screen Shot 2017-11-13 at 11.44.25 PM
19-year-old Alyssa in Castell de Montjuice, circa 2013

That, my friend, is a moment I had in the city four years ago, and the very reason why I hold Barcelona close to my heart. It was serene and personal, above anything. And so when I went on another Eurotrip the other month, I made sure to come back to the city so I could see what else Barcelona has to offer.

This time, Barcelona offered me a hefty brunch,


clear skies,


great portraits,


a fun time with my soulmate and travel buddy, Erika,


a chance to master the “walk and look back” pose,


a second look at the must-sees,


endless tapas, paella, and sangria,

a quick Mexican drink and merienda,


and of course, another chance to catch the sunset at Castell de Montjuic.


Trees from afar that looked like dinosaurs on a hike


See you again soon, Barcelona.


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